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Monday, August 29


Hello readers! For your information, yours truly is officially 19 years old. I have to admit, i really have a bunch of very crazy and loving friends. God really did blessed me by giving me tonnes of awesome people as friends! They made me feel so touched! And this made me here, updating my blog at such hour.

Still, today was really memorable and I'd decided to blog about it, right now! =) Who cares is anyone's gonna read it! It begins with thousands hundreds of wishes flooding my Facebook wall and my phone's Inbox! And then, comes the verbal wishings from everyone in school. they made me feel so paiseh btw but in a good way =)

Awesome fact!
  • I blew 3 times of candle this year.
  • I made wishes for 3 times, but they are all the same.
  • I received the best gift ever this year =)
  • And i hope the miracle continues till the end of the year =))

It has been a tradition to share cake with Sen Chen since his birthday is exactly a week after mine. So yeah, he appears in most photos below ::

make a wish.

my awesome junior 

And then, some SS moment with ze' classmates! Although my class was a worse class compared to 6A2 but I'm glad to be in 6A1! Because my classmates were 10 times awesome-r than theirs! 


Her favourite sentence : 去跳啦!
Which means, go die lah! Hahaha

And then, after school! Ze' awesome friends brought me to Starbucks for a second round. Had a super great time =) Rushed to tuition afterwards! Haha

group photo.

presents from Kimberly and Pang!
Loved it!

the Kehpohs 

This post was delayed and i obviously cannot remember every detail of it. The important thing is, I had a good time! Its holiday! And trial is like one week away! Therefore, plans for holiday is to STUDY AND STUDY AND STUDY! 

And now, ending this post with yours truly's ugly shot ::

Goodnight and toodles! 

Upcoming post : Badminton Club's Farewell Party! Stay tuned.

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