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Wednesday, June 8

stepped on my nerves.

This is gonna be an emo post.

I've been scrolling through Facebook and i realized a lot of things. People change. Like seriously, a total 180 degree of change. I mean, maybe I'm being jealous or what, i don't know. But, somehow, after viewing S's profile, i felt melancholic. S was keeping it real low profile, somehow i still hear it from some of the friends. no, i'm not a stalker but we have mutual friends. After all, Klang is not a very big place. And rumors (sometimes truths) spread like fire. I don't believe what F said whole-heartedly at first, but now, seems like F is telling me the truth.

No, i did not confront S and he did not say anything too. After all the dramas, i doubt if we'll really have any conversation again. Except sending birthday wishes through Facebook (but i did not wish S this year btw). Maybe i should be feeling happy for S because i think he found the right one, no? I don't know.

Few years back, all the moments S gave me was solid memories. S was still the one and only. Its my fault cause im the heartbreaker in this case. Do i regret it? i don't know too. S totally deserves what he have now. No, im not gonna wish you forever with T because i still don't like her. Don't ask me why because i don't know three.

In total confusion and alot of things are playing through my mind.
I feel like crying now, shit.

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