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Monday, June 13

school again!

Well, the "no life" life goes on again. Can you believe it? Its already June. Half of 2011 had passed. And i only got another 6 months in Form 6. And then, the end of "school uniform" days. How fast right. =(

And, today was also the result day for mid term test and MUET!

Lets start with MUET! As expected, the worst component was Writing.
And i got what i want too, no need to resit! *smiles

Next up, the mid term papers.
Damn! Pn Rohana said that if our essays were less than 20/50, we'll be required to copy 10 model essays. Guess what i got, 19/50! Fuckmylife to the max.
Failed Maths Paper 1, hope my Paper 2 can cover up for it.
Chemistry was kind to me. Didn't fail. =)
And Physics, fuhh! I actually passed my Paper 2! *ecstatic

Overall, things are going smooth for the first day of second semester.
Hope things will go smooth and well all the way till STPM ends. *cross fingers

buck up time! i'm not flunking STPM!

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