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Wednesday, June 1

On Stranger Tides.

Hello bloggie!
I'm currently having my 2 weeks holiday and yeah, holiday this time means FUN! Although there are tuition marathons as usual, I'm still able to spend some quality times with the gang. Maybe because i did work hard for Mid Term and decided to pamper myself. Hahaha.

So today, had Chemistry tuition and after that went movie. I wanted Fast and Furious 5 because i have yet to watch it but due to timing problem, we chose Pirates of The Caribbean instead. And now, i'm gonna write a review for ::
Pirates of The Caribbean : On Stranger Tides

This movie was simply awesome! Another must-watch! I rate it 4/5. The plot was kinda catchy and it already gave me a shock right at the opening. No, i did not watch the first 3 sequels and yes, i'm still able to follow the storyline. So, no worries. Hit the cinema and watch it. =) 

The way Johnny Depp carries the character of Captain Jack Sparrow is really hilarious. I fell in love with him already. His style of talking was really awesome. But, i don't quite like the accent. Its kinda too much. Another favourite part of mine, mermaids! I only liked Syrena (potrayed by Astrid Bergès-Frisbey) because the other mermaids look hideous to me.

See, how innocent she look. And the love between her and the missionary is just beautiful.

an example of hideous-looking mermaid.

Philip and Syrena. <3

The sceneries in this movies were magnificent too. Few examples : Fountain of Youth, the seaview where Angelica (Penelope Cruz) was dumped by Jack Sparrow in the end and the sunset view where Jack Sparrow and Gibbs were at in the closing.

Length of the movie was approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes. Overall, the movie was thrilling and you won't feel sleepy watching it. But, there's no urge for me to rewatch it though. 

Now, I'm gonna watch all the Pirates of The Caribbean Series! =)

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