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Saturday, March 13

what about this?

The blogger is back in action!

the happy blogger.

Alright, back to business.
I think many of you knew my results already right.
So no need for me to make a HUU-HAA here.
But, just for the sake of official okayy.
This is my result


better view.

For those who rabun and cannot see,
I've got 12As.
4A+, 4A and 4A-.
what a number. LOL 

Now, to the main point of this post.
I would like to thanks:

Miss Grace Tay for helping me to get A+ in BM.
Miss Chong(delta) and Pn. Noor Zaini for the A+ in Mathematics.
Mr. Low(delta) and Mr. Leong for the A+ in Additional Mathematics.
Miss Glory Tay for the A+ in Accounts.
Miss Guna(delta) and En. Rosli Ali for the A in Sejarah.
Myself for the A in English. wtf.
Mr. Choo for the A in ICT.
Mr. Moay(delta) and Pn. Che Maheran for the A in Physics.
Myself again for the A- in Moral.
Ms. Linda(delta) and Pn. Azlin for tha A- in Chemistry.
Ms. Betsy Teh and myself again for the A- in Biology.
Pn. Margaret Chia for the A- in EST!

Thank you very very much to all the teachers above!

Last but not least, my parents who paid for all my tuition fees, Poh Thong's mum, Min Yee's dad and Yee Ling's parents who always fetch us back and forth from all Deltas. (HQ, EA, CL)

One more! Thanks to SIR SHREENATH C. who had continuously be my role model, gave me motivations and courage! Not to forget my EXCO '08 who had fought this war(SPM) with me. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Ahem, most of them get quite good results okay.

Who said those active in co-curricular cannot study?? bodoh!

And congrats to all SPM warriors who scored well too! Well done! HAHA.

Till then,

am still estatic!

goodnight, loves.

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