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Wednesday, March 24

Langkawi with VAD 43 is ♥!

Langkawi trip last week was AWESOME!
Today is the 1st week annivesary already.
How good if time passes slowly.
I want more Langkawi lahh!
So, some photos for you so that you keep reading. heh.

in the airport with HS, KT and Kiri.
photographer: Chuan Leet.♥

in the plane, suakuz in action! LOL

yours truly.♥

langkawi here we come!
watch out, cuz we're gonna rock you babeh!

finally, the group photo!

second destination after dinner-supper.
Little Lydia!

Goodnight Langkawi.

morning after BREAKFAST!

then, we headed to the destination for our plan of the day...

before that, some random photos first.

live to ride!

STAR! by LY, FL, KT, SW,HS and SE!


live to ride babeh! HAHA

in the BAT CAVE.

outside of the BAT CAVE.

#2. i like this.


at the fish feeding farm.

examining the starfish. HAHA

then, lunch time!


then, back to TANJUNG RHU.

before we head to Kuah Town.

the sea is so beautiful!


when childishness strikes.

the must-visit. Dataran Helang!

WI- for langkaWI!

all the posers here!

JUMP! i love this!♥

Finally, back to Pantai Cenang where we stay..

the night life in Cenang.

So many first time that i gave during this trip.
First time alcohol.
First time shisha.
First time aeroplane.
and etc lahh..

This is only the first  and second day.
Tak larat wanna type the third and fourth day lahh.
Check out the photos in FACEBOOK!

p/s: this post is super incomplete as i miss out alot of other activities. sorry peeps, laziness struck me already.

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