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Sunday, March 28

life like this. ♥

Looking back at all these photos are nostalgic!
Wished that i could go back to school again, to be a BELIA.
Feels great about all the things that happened in my life.
It totally made my life colourful.
If, i were to die tomorrow, i have no regrets. =)

when we're in B-Team.
i'm so thin. =(

when papa is still in school,
Chinese Society was super fun!

when we're still new in EXCO.
still thin. ='(

when we're still in Form 4.
i miss school uniform lahh. =((

when i decided to chop my hair.

when we finish our PE class..

high school prom'08.
RC Prom was way better!

The most respected man in my life.

SIR, again.

when we're in tuition class.

when we're in Kem Tutti.

when we're in HQ.

when we're graduating already..

when we last took photo together..

i miss this bitch badly..

the day we finished SPM..

our first activity as VAD 43..
bad hair day.

My life, no doubt, is awesome.
I never regretted the path that i walked.
Until now, the first turning point in my life.
I believed i made the best choice.

There you go, leaving me here.
Bleeding with a broken heart.
Sometimes, its hard to love with all the broken pieces.
Nevermind, my hectic schedule will erase you.

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