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Sunday, June 23

I'm in Korea!

Hello readers.
Yes, now I'm already in Gwangju, Korea.
It's already the my fourth day here and so far, everything has been pretty amusing :)
Frankly, their culture is not too different from ours, but not similar as well.

One thing that saddens me was, when I tell people that I come from Malaysia, they will assume that I am Muslim. 


I love pork more than anything man :(( Anyway, a little explaination will do the job. And everyone is pretty amazed that we Malaysians can speak more than one language! LOL

Spoke to another Malaysian girl in Mandarin and they were like, "WOW, isn't that mandarin? Are you from China?" Haha. Malaysian rocks!

I'm very happy to be in Team 13 because everyone is very sporty and fun! :)) In our group, we have Jinho and Jisung from Korea to take care of us. Erica, an Indonesian studying in Australia. Jack, a typical Australian. Thomas, a young boy from Canada who tried rice for the first time in his life, Huiying, a Chinese studying in the States and two Malaysians. Azie and I. :)

Well, pictures shall do the talking now ::

Mom sending me off! :)

My little brother has grown so tall! :')

Excuse our narcissism. :)

My loves.

Reached Incheon after a long 6 hour flight, wasting an hour in my life. I'm now an hour ahead of Malaysia's time.

Koreans even do advertisement on their bus ticket!

First meal in CNU, bibimbap! :)

Classroom for the next 1 month. :)

I hope it smells good. 

The basic side dishes they serve in almost every restaurant.

Naeng myeon. 
It was literally filled with shaved ice. 

Took a walk after lunch and discovered this beautiful walkway near the main gate.
The trees made up a natural shade!  

Companion of the day, Kiong and Kenya! 

The library.
Went in and got mindfucked cuz all the books were in Korean. :O

Makguksu for dinner!
Another cold meal...

Moving on to the first cultural tour..
Went to Daeheungsa Temple and had a vegetarian bibimbap.

Colours are important in korean meal.

Mt. Dooryun's view.
with Erica, from Australia.

Team 13. :)

Jinho, super silly guy!

Ice cream!

Hot bar.

Drawings of our team members.

After effect of Cham Cham Cham.

Korean style bed. 
I didn't sleep well in it, but it was still a good try.

Day 2, the cultural activity planned was to make some traditional korean cookies.

Tastes like mooncake but we are making hangwa instead.

All set!

Moulding in process..
(I'll blog about the whole process in another post if I'm hardworking lol)


Hangwa-making teacher. LOL

Yums yums! 

Apparently, meats are very expensive in Korea. So they rarely eat meat. Mostly they eat seafoods and vegetables daily. (In Malaysia, meats are cheap (some) but seafood is so expensive!) And every meal, they will definitely have kimchi and rice to go with.. 

I'm pretty depressed because I don't eat rice. But all the dishes will be too salty if you don't take it with rice. So I have to take it! :( My toned belly is almost gone. :'(

But, in Korea, do as the Koreans do. So yeah, fuck it for now! :( 

Why koreans are still so slim eventhough the have rice in every meal? 
Because they walk so much! Their university campus is almost 2x of USM but they do not have shuttle bus. Most places in the university are inaccessible by car as well. Thus, everywhere they wanna go, they walk! This is one of their culture - WALKING!

Apparently, Damyang (another city in Jeollanam-do)  is famous for bamboo. So if you happen to be visiting Damyang, go to Juknokwon to experience the bamboo walk and eat bamboo rice! :)

Bamboo rice.
Azie said bamboo is tebu! WHAT?! -.-

Bamboo walk entrance.

More bamboo.

Bamboo again.

Traditional korean pastime made of bamboo.

Bamboo ice cream.
But it tastes like green tea. 

So yeah, this pretty much sums up my 4 days here so far. 
Next post, I'm gonna blog about my room here in CNU! :)
Class is starting tomorrow and I don't know what to expect. Hopefully its gonna be fun! :)
Thanks for reading! :))

Waiting for Suey Erz to ooVoo.....


  1. 소웬아~~~ ㅎㅎㅎ
    안녕안녕 ㅋㅋㅋ
    Read this post and it reminds me of how much I missed my home back in Korea..
    Glad that you had fun dear friend ^.^
    and yeah meats are expensive in Korea especially beef...
    Seafood are nice~ Eat more seafood...Hahaha
    [P/S:- This is me, your Korean class buddy~ 현아 (미셸) ㅎㅎㅎ]

    1. Thanks Michelle!
      You should come back soon!
      Your home country is beautiful, and fun so far! HAHA.