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Sunday, November 27

You Are The Apple of My Eye

Sister came back yesterday. So i had a chance to escape from my miserable life for a few hours. Since i had been very depressed due to STPM, i suggested a movie plan. Sis watched Breaking Dawn already so it was out of the list. Desperately wanting to watch a movie, I suggested You Are The Apple of My Eye.  The story was actually based on the real life story of the novelist/director, Giddens Ko. Beautiful story he had. 

So glad i watched it! Gosh, the movie was really touching and it does make me reminisce my secondary life. EMO AFTER WATCHING :/

Yes, it reminds me of him. In the movie, when Ching-Teng went bald, thats when his image flashed through. (because he was from Chinese Primary school and he was bald that time too) I am not gonna lie, he was the only regret i had in my secondary. Now, we are still in touch. And he has a girlfriend too. But things were never the same again. *slapmyselfandwakeup

Back to the movie, Ching-Teng and Shen Chia-yi should totally get together. So sad that in the end she ended with someone else. Why guys are always so stupid. When a girl already make it that obvious, it is so fucking obvious that she's interested in you too. Why got no balls to listen to the answer? If and only if he got the guts, they would have been together :( #wasted

And guys, PLEASE! Don't ever do anything stupid because girls really do feel heartache when they see you getting yourself hurt. They love you for who you are. Don't try to change yourself!

Overall rating, i would give 8/10. I cried in the ending too. Because their love for each other was so wasted! Just because of a silly act by the guy. WASTED! Life was never meant to be perfect, i know. Btw, i find this story very inspiring too. Don't ever let go of any opportunity because it may be the only one you will get. Just like Shen Chia-yi and Ching-Teng. It may just change your whole life.

Quote from movie ::


I would totally suggest this movie to all adults. Reminisce your teenage years. Feel your teenage fantasy again. You might just be inspired about your life all over again.

Back to fighting mood! 
STPM, you are so gonna die!
rawrr, rawrr, rawrrr!

p/s : am definitely gonna get his novel after STPM ;)

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