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Monday, November 21

The First Day of STPM

taken during one of the group study session.

Hello readers, sorry for not updating my blog frequently. Soon okay, soon. 
Because after STPM, my life's back. *wink*

Hell yeah, today was 21st November, which is the first day of STPM.
Up to date, i got 1 paper down, 7 more papers to go.

PA 2's essay was quite a shocker. Most of the tips did not come out. Thank god I still manage to handle it.
Although I almost got no enough time to finish all. I did essays for Sektor Perikanan and Krisis Makanan. Talked to Pn. Rohana about it and things don't seem too positive though. But, i'm quite confident with my points because it made sense. Haha. Sis said that too :)

For graph, I did Bar Memesong instead of Carta Pai Bertingkat. Kinda glad because I managed to save some time here. But, i pity my friends lah. Some did the wrong graph and some wrote the wrong title. Its ok, we still have Paper 1.

Bahagian C and Bahagian E was normal. Hopefully nothing go haywire. Then, my marks are safe.
Nonethelessly, I'm glad i survived the whole paper. 

Next up, Physics 2. 
I fucking need to ace it! 

Countdown to FREEDOM :: 
24 days 

With love,


  1. Happy new year!
    All the best for your results!
    Btw, I wanted to know what do we call the ruler that we use to draw Carta Pai Bertingkat? xD

  2. Ruler? You mean the compass?? Or Jangka lukis in BM.. I only use normal ruler jangka lukis nad jangka sudut (protactor) :)

    all the best to you too :D