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Tuesday, July 12

three in one.


The upcoming post will be a very long post. As stated in the title, its a three in one post =)
Have fun reading 

#1 Sports Day
So the day fell on 2nd of July. Am totally happy helping my house grab the second spot instead of the usual 4th or 5th spot. Way to go, Mallory!

ze' scoreboard.

medals, mine plus Win Cean's.

introducing you, Lee Win Cean!

This bugger run like siao one. Try challenge him. Perhaps you'll go back and cry to your mother about how fast he run. No joke.

Mallory's throphy 

a random House photo.

Jing Wei and Calvin 

the funniest teacher alive =)

Overall, i am satisfied with the result and everything else. 3 golds, 2 silvers. More than enough for my last school's Sports Day. I'm old, no joke.

3 golds, 2 silvers.

I know i should be studying, but i promised Lawrence to help him with his performance for the Chinese Society event. So, there I am, doing it. =)
Throughout the performance training, i'm glad i get to know all my Seni Foto's members better. Our bond became stronger too. I even get to be good friend with a junior, Ann Chyi!

meet Ann Chyi, the superb dancer.

camwhoring at the studio =)

Make sure you High Schoolians support 文艺汇演! Grab a ticket today and come support our performances. Event is on 23rd July 2011 at Dewan Putra, HSK!

It was my first time, but its definitely not the last. Thanks to sister, for exposing me to doing such good cause. Now i know i contributed a little bit of blood in saving road accident victims' life whom had the same blood type as i do. Call me vain, because I am. I feel so noble now, wtf!

my number was 256. 

sister is being poked!


come closer, it was painful.

Most importantly, I survived! =)
And now, for the aftermath ::

Can you imagine how hard the nurse poke the syringe into my vein? No joke the bruise was very damn big! It turned purple btw.

19 years of life, i finally contributed something to the society. I never felt so good. =)
Thanks for reading.

*poor quality of photos because photos are taken with phone camera.

ze' blogger 

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