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Sunday, July 3

short update.

Sports Day is finally over. Which means i'm another day nearer to trial already. Fml.
Okay, the purpose of this post is to keep my pretty dead blog alive :)

Since Sports Day is just over, i'll update about it in the upcoming post.
Compiling photos in progress.

Stay tuned 

1 comment:

  1. Yo! :) Its been soo long! <3
    I miss youuuuu...

    You and I *and other Humans* are berry busy with study, work and life! :) Haha. I understand! I misss talking to u and we soo long x see each other. Its ok.. Cos U are always in my mind! :D Hahaha. I know I like sweet talking lately! Dunno why! xD

    Oh exam coming up rite? Wishing U all the best! Study smart k? Use your time well. Be good and also take good care of urselv. Dun get sick! ANd try to avoid any temptations that might affect ur performance! :) Good luck in exam... <3