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Thursday, October 23

Dream Trip to Macau.

Macau has always has a spot in my list of countries to visit. I am quite an enthusiastic Korean entertainment fans and Macau has always been a location they shoot in. For example, Running Man, Boys Before Flower and Fated to Love You, just to name a few. Need to say more why I want to go to Macau??? Thanks to Nuffnang, my dream to travel there might come true earlier than expected!

Here's the THREE most amazing things about Macau that really intrigues me!

1. Bungy Jumping from Macau Tower

The beautiful Macau Tower.

Bungy jump off Macau Tower overseeing the whole city, life can't get any more AMAZING than this!

Adrenaline has always been a necessity in my life. I've tried most of the extreme sports available in Malaysia: Skytrex, ESCAPE park, extreme water sports (parasailing, banana boats), jungle trekking, river trekking, mount hiking and etc. It's about time to step up the game for a more nerve-racking extremity - JUMPING OFF 233 METERS OF A BUILDING! Say whaaaaaat?! The fact that Song Jihyo (Running Man) did it makes me wanna do it even more. Girls are not weaklings! Still holding the record for world's highest bungy jumping, I don't want to wait until i'm old and weak to try it! Live while we're young, says One Direction!

2. The Venetian Macau

Shooting of Fated to Love You in Venetian Macau.

Casts of Boys Before Flowers taking a gondola ride in Venetian Macau.

This place is so so so romantic I want want want to visit here so badly! This is like a mini Venice in Asia. Europe trip has to wait until I start earning my own income, so how about a Venetian Macau as an appetizer first? :3 Dramas like Boys Before Flower and Fated to Love You both filmed here and it only makes me want to step foot there, see it with my real eyes, and experience for myself the romantic atmosphere there! Not to mention the casino there, it will defintely be an eye-opener and a lifetime experience!

3. UNESCO Heritage Site 

The Ruins of St. Paul

Senado Square

A map provided online to stroll through the whole "Historic Centre of Macau".

Macau's architectures has so much to offer from the influences of the past western architectures as well as the traditional Chinese architectures. All the historic sites offers so much to learn for the tourists to know the history of Macau better. 

The UNESCO Heritage Sites include: Barra Square, Lilau Square, St. Augustine's Square, Senado Square, Cathedral Square, St. Dominique's Square, Company of Jesus Square and Camoes Square, A-Ma Temple, Moorish Barracks, Mandarin's House, St. Lawrence's Church, St. Joseph's Seminary and Church, Dom Pedro V Theatre, Sir Robert Ho Tung Library. St. Augustine's Church, "Leal Senado" Building, Sam Kai Vui Kun Temple, Holy House of Mercy, Cathedral, Lou Kau Mansion. St. Dominic's Church, Ruins of St. Paul's, Na Tcha Temple, Section of the Old City Walls, Mount Fotress, St. Anthony's Church, Casa Garden, the Protestant Cemetery and Guia Fortress.

So much to see, so much to learn.
Besides having fun, the most important part of travelling for me is to learn and understand better about the culture and history of that place. 

Life is too short to worry too much. To me, the best kind of life is to graduate with a degree, get a mediocre job and settle for life. Steady, stable and boring. Meh. Not until I discover Nuffnang and the joy of blogging, they let me realize how far life can bring me as long as I'm willing to give it a try! No dream is too big to achieve! So here I am, blogging about this. I'm ready for you, Macau!

So please choose me, Nuffnang? :D

For more info about Macau or this contest, you can refer to:
Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) or,
Nuffnang Malaysia.

Blog away and be in the running for a all expenses paid trip to Macau!


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  2. Nice one. Good luck!