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Wednesday, August 21

9 Days in Seoul with le bestfriend!

Hi readers, its been so long right! ^__^
I'm not sure who else is still reading my blog. 
Because I've not been updating much. So sorry for the lack of update.
I'm back in my hometown and I'm very lazy to turn on my laptop.
Anyway, I'm here to revive my blog.

Just in case if you don't know, I was in Korea for 40 days. 31 days for International Summer School in Gwangju and 9 days in Seoul with my best friend!  

This is my first time travelling oversea with just ONE friend. And the most exciting part was, I'm departing from Gwangju to Seoul while she is departing from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul and we will meet up at our guesthouse. 
Frankly, the journey alone is quite terrifying. Thank god I can speak some basic korean so communicating/asking around for direction was possible. The moment when I reach guesthouse and met Suey Erz, the joy was simply unexplainable! Thankful that both of us made it there without getting lost.

Our itinerary was really simple. And I was a little sorry for Byy because I've already visited certain places with the Summer School gang and she didn't get to visit the places. :(

Day 1 : We met each other in the afternoon. Brought Byy for her first korean meal, naengmyeon, in Myeongdong. Spent the rest of the day shopping there.

Day 2 : It was NamiSeom day! Travelled all the way to Chuncheon to go NamiSeom. Weather was really bad that day. Raining cats and dogs halfway through our visit in NamiSeom. Didn't get to finish the whole island. Went back to hostel to clean up ourselves and spent the rest of the day in Insadong!

Day 3 : YG Day! Both of us are big fans of Big Bang! Call us crazy but we went all the way to YG Entertainment in Hapjeong! So thankful for those helpful blogs that gave exact directions and landmarks to get there. Spent 3 hours there looking at the building can you believe it? -.- Luckily we get to see G-Dragon and Minzy coming to work, Hwangssabu, Deuk and Jonghyun walking out from the building! Since it was YG Day, we had dinner in Yeolbong Jjimddak in Hongdae, owned by Se7en! Then, desserts in Twosome+ Studio owned by Teddy!

Day 4 : Boryeong Day! Just in case if you don't know, Korea has a festival called Boryeong Mud Festival that will be held one week during the summer every year. It takes place in Daecheon Beach, Boryeong, Chungcheongnam-do. The mud is really good for your skin ladies. ;) Spent the whole day here playing mud. Experienced my first public bath here as well. Had a shock when I first walk in to the public bathroom. Its not something common in my country okay. Well, since its a culture in Korea, I'm glad I get to experience it!

Day 5 : Seoul sight-see day! Met up with Atiqah, a best friend from International Summer School also from Malaysia, and spent the day with her. Managed to see the guard change ceremony outside Gyeongbokgung, Bukcheon Hanok Village, Dongdaemun Market, Cheongyecheon stream and Gwangjang Market. Surprised at how friendly koreans are. A pair of korean couple offered us a cup of makgeolli to try in Gwangjang Market. Souvenirs checked!

Day 6 : Everland Day! Travelled all the way to Gangnam just to realised alot more people are queuing for bus to Everland in Yongin. We ended up taking cab with another two korean girls we met in the queue. Everland was fun, but it was too big to finish T.T And the hilly surface made it really tiring to walk around. 

Day 7 : Back to Myeongdong for more shopping. You'll be surprised by how multilingual all the salespersons in Myeongdong are! They even had country flags on their name tags indicating what language they can speak. 

Day 8 : Best day for Byy I guess! Went back to Gwangjang Market for drug kimbap! Then strolled around and we were so happy to find G-Creator (vitamin water endorsed by G-Dragon! This flavor was created by him too!) Spent the evening with Edan bringing us for dinner, patbingsu and Han River walk. End the night with chicken and beer in the guesthouse! ;)

Day 9 : Last day of our trip! T.T As much as I can't wait to come home, blogging this right now puts me into withdrawal syndrome all over again! :((

Meeting her for the first time in months!

Cycled in NamiSeom before the weather went cuckoo!

YG baby!

Sorwen was here :))

Yeolbong jjimddak!

On our way to Boryeong!
Their bus got different quality one : general, excellent, very excellent!
Ours was Excellent!

Mud body painting during Boryeong Mud Festival!

Face painting too! I had a rose while Suez had a dolphin!

Tired but fun! On the way back  to Seoul!

Cheongyecheon stream! The water is so clean and clear its impossible to find in Malaysia!

Everland for YG Hologram Concert!

Psy was so good in hologram! 
Can't imagine if its live!

Hot weather for Everland Day! Queuing for roller coaster!

My long lost sister, Gloriaaaaa!

A random day wearing caps from Big Bang kaki - Suzanne! :))

Han River night walk with Edan!

Han River, Yeouido Park! 

Random taekwondo performance in Gwanghwamun!
This performer is so cute when he talks! So typical korean boy! Kkk

Strong lady! I want to be able to do handstand like her!

Came back feeling so good to be back. But now all I want is to be there again! Like my coursemate said, there goes my kimchi life! I had so much rice and kimchi in these 40 days I lost all my body definitions. But no regrets baby! Go visit Korea if you have a chance! We will be back for Jeju, Busan and (more Edan for Suez kkk) winter hopefully!

On a random note, thank you Atul for the Hari Raya open house invite! Feels so good to meet all most of my excos again!

Kuma-kuma and Mouse!

- 끝-

Thanks for reading! I love you all :))

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