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Monday, April 15

My Fitness Progress (1)

Hello and sorry for being MIA for so long again! 
I was pretty busy with my assignments and you know you it gets harder when you get shitty assignment mates! :x

Okay, shits aside. It's the end of my one week holiday and I'm back in Penang already. So sorry that I didn't get to meet so many of yous! Gotta admit I was pretty lazy to go out and I prefer to just stay home, spend some time with my mom! :) And assignments were being bitches too. :/

Back to the main point of this post! 
Well, a lot of people told me that I lost weights. Thank you and I'm flattered! :))
Truth is, I've been trying to workout consistently and to eat as clean as possible despite staying in hostel and not having a kitchen to myself. So far, my progress is pretty decent and the results are showing!

I'm happy.

Current status check :

Tummy is going off. 
Hoping for some baby abs to come out soon.
(not working my legs because its toned enough :/)

Is my bicep scaring you? 
Triceps are doing well too :)

My tummy obviously shrinked! :')

I love the feeling of being drenched in sweats! I've wasted the past 20 years of my life being unhealthy. I wanna make a change. I'm trying to make this a lifestyle instead of just making it a mission to achieve my ideal body.

I swear I'm the laziest person you will ever find. So if I can do this, you can too! 
Start today, you will thank yourself in the future :))
Here's to a ripped and lean body! 


Stay tuned for a before/after picture! ;)


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