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Friday, April 29

key to happiness

the key to happiness is to think be positive!

For the past few weeks, my mood have been down the drain with all negative thoughts like failing my Chemistry and Physics paper, eventually failing my STPM. I seriously cannot cope with the pressure. I even felt like giving up. Things just go so wrong at the wrong time and it did screwed me upside down. Mid term is in 2 weeks time and i have not revised. Fml to the max. Syllabus is definitely more than what my brain's capacitance can take.

And i thank this very best friend of mine! you know who you are <3
I thank you for calling me up and gave me motivation. And thanks to you, things do seem brighter now. At least I'm able to smile carefreely now. There's still room for improvement. And it's still not too late.

The game is ON.

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